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The Mission

The Final Chapter


DVD: ‘The Final Chapter ’ – SPV February 2009

Debuted in UK BBC DVD charts at #6

Live final performances of the band recorded at Shepherds Bush Empire UK in Feb/March 2008 plus interviews and on the road / rehearsal footage featuring the band & MarkGT.

[Click here] for an exclusive look at the Mission performing ‘Deliverance’ live from the ‘Final Chapter’ DVD.

Disc One

1. Amelia
2. Hands Across The Ocean
3. Into The Blue
4. Paradise (Will Shine Like The Moon Tonight)
5. Butterfly On A Wheel
6. Sea Of Love
7. Grapes Of Wrath/Lovely
8. Bird Of Passage
9. Belief
10. Hungry As The Hunter
11. Deliverance
12. Like A Child Again
13. Mr Pleasant

Disc Two

1. Like A Hurricane
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Bridges Burning
4. Dance On Glass
5. Stay With Me
6. Island In A Stream
7. Love Me To Death
8. Dream On
9. Afterglow
10. Fabienne
11. Severina
12. Wake (rsv)
13. Forevermore
14. 1969
15. Shelter From The Storm
16. Tower Of Strength

Disc Three (Bonus)

Rehearsals: With extracts of: Kingdom Come, Love Me To Death, Black Mountain Mist, Mr Pleasant, Island In A Stream, The Crystal Ocean, Garden Of Delight, 1969, Bridges Burning, Heat, Fabienne.

On The Road With The Mission: A fly on the wall insight into the European tour leading up to the Shepherds Bush Empire shows.

Köln Live Music Hall, Köln, Germany: Full versions of: Kingdom Come, Beyond The Pale and Garden Of Delight filmed live.

After show party at the Shepherds Bush empire, with live footage of Serpents Kiss and Wasteland for the season ticket holders.

Interviews: Miles Hunt from the Wonder Stuff interviews Wayne Hussey, Simon Hinkler and the band, plus fan interviews at the show

 Label:  SPV (Germany) 

lighting the candles



DVD: ‘Lighting the Candles’ – SPV October 2005

Live performance recorded 2004 (DVD 1) plus bonus footage featuring MarkGT and promo videos (DVD2).

 Label:  SPV (Germany) 

New Disease

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Edition Details: 
Release Date: July 2004
Classification: Exempt 
Director: Mike Slatter

  • Region 0 encoding (Europe, Japan, South Africa and Middle East including Egypt)
  • PAL
  • Main Language: English


  • Interactive DVD menu
  • 'Like Rain' full promo video (2004) 
  • 'Hold on (here comes the sun)' new promo video (2004) 
  • 'Awakened' - live at Mean Fiddler London (2004) 
  • 'Sayonara' - live at Mean Fiddler London (2004) 
  • 'Song of one word' - live at London Astoria highlights (2003) 
  • Exclusive interview with the band 
  • 'Like Rain' video/interview outtakes 
  • Photo Gallery

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